Tips To Make Mask Wearing Easy, Safe Especially For Elders

Article spreads the utilization of oils to lessen mask irritation for the long term while upholds the advantages of adding oil drops to different masks similar to my eucalyptus oil, which is helpful for lungs and health.

But some more research is needed before adding a couple of drops of Eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, or different oils that will make it simple for wearing masks for long spans. Read along to become aware of the basics updated by WHO on how to wear masks safely. You can also get a doctor consultation at home to know more.

  • Keep your hands clean before putting on your mask, just as when you take it off and after you contact it whenever you want.
  • Ensure it covers your nose, chin, and mouth well.
  • When you will be removing your mask, remember to keep it some clean plastic bag and then either wash the mask if it is made of fabric or discards a surgical one in a garbage bag.
  • Try not to use masks that come with valves.

According to the WHO report, India positions second after the USA on, Covid19 cases. We can see an expansion in number in light of the great populace, and individuals are not avoiding potential risks like social removing, wearing masks. For saving lives, the Indian Government has begun forcing fines if somebody is found not wearing a mask in public places.

Thinking about the elderly people in great danger of sickness, it’s of most extreme significance that they should wear a mask consistently. According to some elderly care services, here are answers for a couple of serious issues that our elderly folks face when they wear masks. 


Once more, to stay away from foul odours, they can splash oils such as peppermint oil. Through this, elderly people can breathe in natural air and feel its smell. This will give them alleviation from cold or cough too.

The problem of getting mist on eyeglasses while wearing a mask can likewise be settled by doing the below-mentioned things:

  • Utilize facial tissue by putting it inside the top portion of the mask. Doing this makes some additional receptiveness between your nose, making the dampness, and the glasses, which show it. You can likewise; overlap the top quarter of the mask inwards for that additional layer.
  • Another simple method to tame the haze on your glasses is by washing your glasses with some sudsy water. The best is to allow the glasses to get dry all alone after you utilize the cleanser water. The cleanser leaves a film behind that diminishes the surface pressure of the atoms.
  • Ear disturbance is likewise a typical issue on the off chance that we wear a cover for a more drawn-out timeframe. You can get alleviation through this agony by utilizing plastic “ear savers.” Just fold the mask’s versatile lashes over the clasp instead of your ears to quickly ease the pressure. Attempt to keep away from masks that are not leeway behind your ears. More tight masks pull on your ears, which can disturb the close by nerves. Tie hitch masks are likewise accessible in the market, which older folks can utilize.

At care4parentsyou will get hold of in-home elder care services even during this pandemic. Thus, for NRI kids having their parents stay away from them in India, we can relax as our doctor consultation at home, and in-home helpers will keep their elderly parents in a good state.

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