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For keeping a check on health and maintain good health conditions, a regular health check-up is essential. We at Care4Parents make sure that your parents’ regular check-ups are not avoided at any cost by providing doctor consultations at home, making you worry less about your parents’ health. We provide trusted with best hands, board certified, well-trained and well-experienced doctors as for us, your parents’ health is the topmost priority.

We at Care4Parents make sure that your elderly family members are always in best health. With the help of doctor home consultation service, elderly people will be able to avail doctor consultations without hospital premises. Thus, saving a lot of time and energy of your elderly parents.

It is generally not possible for NRIs to look after their parents while being away from home. And it becomes worrisome when our parents want to visit the doctor. Thus, Care4Parents provides online medical consulting for you to monitor and be a part of your parents’ medical routines. No matter whether small or big, whatever your parent’s health condition might be, doctors are available and capable of handling situations through online consultation.


The major motive of Care4Parents’ doctor consultation at home for elders in India is providing predominant diagnostics and advice medicines or lab tests such as blood, urine etc., if required. The whole service is crafted for providing primary healthcare, care following hospitalization and management of chronic disease at the home comfort of the senior citizens.


We bring superior health care professionals at the home of elders, suiting their needs and requirements, and getting it delivered whenever they choose.

How to arrange at home physiotherapy

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Step 1

Contact us or WhatsApp us on +91-9311455775, and inform our team which specialist consultation is needed.

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Step 2

We'll inform you about the details of the appointment with the specialist for seeking confirmation from your end.

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Step 3

The dedicated relationship manager will be connecting the elderly parents with the specialist on a video call.

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Step 4

The elderly can share his/her concern with the doctor and get diagnosis and treatment from the doctor on the call.

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Step 5

The relationship manager will upload the doctor's prescription on your digital platform for anytime, anywhere access.

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  • Q1. What are the benefits of In-Home Doctor Consultation?

    Doctor home visits for elderly will be highly convenient for regular check-up, care post operation, management of diabetes, pain, palliative care. Elders seeking doctor consultation at home will often have decreased health risks. One of the main reasons is that they receive individual attention from the doctors. Doctor consultation at home can take place 24*7. It will help them elderly to not travel and not wait in the large queue in the doctor chambers or hospitals as it may be unfavorable for them.
  • Q2. Who Can Get a Doctor at Home?

    Elderly people with chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes to name a few. Any elder who has been suffering from acute diseases, seasonal flu and so on. Bedbound elders who face challenge to travel and visit a doctor at a chamber or hospital.
  • Q3. How to find a doctor home visits for elderly?

    Contact Care4Parents team at +91-9311455775 and we will be making every arrangement for requested doctor home visits or online consultations for elderly.
  • Q4.Who will benefit from Care4Parents' at-home doctor service?

    Elderly people who face difficulty to travel and wait outside the hospital or are bed-ridden will be most benefitted by at-home doctor consultation. Also elderly people who have COPD, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, season flu or need infection management will also find it to be helpful.
  • Q5.How much does a virtual doctor visit cost?

    The cost of virtual doctor visit will vary from specialist to specialist. The charges will be conveyed before fixing the appointment for the elderly parents.
  • Q6.Can you talk to a doctor online?

    Not only doctor at home service has become normal these days, but it is also convenient and saves a lot of time to talk to your doctor online.

T&C- Services available in selected cities. Only pathology reports are available online.

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