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At C4P, we understand that with age, the elderly parents require constant attention and care as their body grows weaker day by day. Sometimes, all that they need is a regular and timely check for things like Blood Pressure (BP), Blood Sugar etc.

Leverage our Pan-India network of best doctors and hospitals to provide your parents with best healthcare assistance in their old-age.

Fixed Subscription

  • Regular home visits

    for better health

  • Full body check up

    at regular intervals

  • Specialist check ups

    (as per the package)

  • Priority service at hospitals

    Paperwork, Payments & Adminitrative formalities to be handled by C4P managers

  • Visit to Opthalmologist

    (as per the package)

  • Dedicated healthcare manager

    handling all your worries

   Value added services

  • Home care

    Nurses to take care of parents

  • Medicine delivery

    As per given time frame

  • Physiotherapy

    appointments at home or clinic

  • Investigations

    Specific blood tests, Ultrasound, X-Ray, CT Scan/MRI and more

  • Consultation with specialist

    For eg: Cardiology, Nephrology, Surgeon, Gastro and more

  • COVID Care at Home

    For elders to battle with COVID-19 at the comfort of their home

C4P provides family like personnel and doctor, who regularly visit the elderly parents in India and carry out the required tests and record them on the digital platform (for easy viewing by the family and the parents, if they wish, and maintaining medical history online).

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