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Through the Care4Parents platform, elders who are alone and away from their kids can get primary home health care with the help of Technology and at-home services. We have designed our senior citizens' care services which

• Helps in ongoing monitoring of the health status
• Prevents complications

• Helps in the early diagnosis of life-threatening diseases
• Reduces instances of sudden hospitalizations

20% off on Lab Tests Bookings
Discounted rates at super-specialty hospitals

Instant Graphs

Upload/ Send us any 2 Lab Reports and we will create a graph for you. COPYRIGTH for the software awarded

24*7 Ambulance Service

Medical care...when you need it the most
Service available in 500+ cities

Keep a track

of your Vitals and see the trends for a better understanding

Get rewarded

for taking your medicines everyday and on-time

Book Doctor Consultation
Book Lab Tests
Book Physiotherapy at Home
Book Nurse/Caretaker at home

Care4Parents is a 'one stop' for all healthcare services.



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Our Happy Customers

Anuj Gupta, Gurugram

C4P app is awesome !! Recently, my mother had to visit the dentist for Bruxism and the doctor asked for the latest blood tests done. We had a yearly check-up done at @home through C4P and I could quickly open the lab report on the app and share it with the doctor within minutes.

Karun Dudani, Australia

This really helped put our minds at ease. I would definitely recommend their services to others in need. While looking for home care options during Covid, we found out about Care4Parents. This was because my parents caught the virus and though we wanted to travel back to India to look after them, the border restrictions did not allow us. We were obviously worried and wanted to make sure we had arrangements in place given the horror stories we were hearing about the state of hospitals in Delhi. This is when we contacted Care4 Parents and our requirements were promptly taken care of. We had an in-house trained nurse for 15 days and along with the panel of Doctors, they took great care of our parents. Any queries or concerns were addressed on an immediate basis regardless of the time of the day.

Mandira Singh, USA

This service saved my mom's life. My brother & I both live in the US and our 76-year-old mom lives in Agra, India. We signed up for the Care4Parents service on the advice of a very close family friend. They wanted us to leverage this service as her medical support team to help in medical diagnosis. This service saved my mom's life by facilitating medical advice, planning tests, identifying medical experts needed, scheduling appointments for hospital admission & a successful pacemaker procedure. I can safely say that my mom's confidence in taking care of her health increased manyfold by the care, attention, and service provided by all levels of the Care4Parents team. Sign up if you have family whom you care about and are far away in another country. It's a great tool in your belt for managing your parents/ family's healthcare.

Shishir Varma, Japan

Care4Parents was very empathetic towards our needs and made all necessary arrangements. I live in Japan and when my father suddenly had a brain stroke, we got in touch with Care4Parents to help look after him at home. Care4Parents was very empathetic towards our needs and took an interest to understand our needs and make all necessary arrangements, including physiotherapist and Doctor visits. Living away from family, I feel relieved that we have a trustworthy nurse supporting my sisters and family in India. We are fortunate the nurse is not only qualified but also warm and caring in how he's looking after my father."

Manas Biswas, USA

I am at a greater peace knowing I have someone at home for my parents and their health needs. I came to know of Care4Parents on the radio while driving and thought of trying it out. I cannot emphasize enough how good that decision was. Their experts took care of all the checkups and other health needs of my parents. They coordinated all of the doctor's appointments, tests and follow-ups.

Piyush Malviya, Dubai

I really thank the Care4Parents team who have been actively looking after my parents remotely and updating me about their health status. I live in Dubai and my parents stay in a small town in MP. Both of them have a history of Diabetes and Arthritis. The healthcare infrastructure and medical systems are slow there. Hence, it is very important for my parents to be kept under constant surveillance and take remedial measures before things turn serious. While I left my country, my parent's health was my biggest worry. Care4Parents have gone out of their way to listen to my parents and make them understand the importance of routine check-ups. Otherwise, my parents wouldn't go for a health check-up until they are very sick. It's a great relief to have a trusted partner to look after my parent's health. I would recommend Care4Parents strongly to everyone, they are equipped with an expert team of doctors and front-end employees who know how to really care for the elders.

Niraj Jha, Delhi

Thank you, C4P team. With your early diagnosis, I was able to bring my mother to Delhi to provide the best treatment in C4P's empanelled hospital. I never imagined a recurrent pain in my mother's leg would actually be a lump. If it wasn't for Care4Parents' (C4P) intervention and advice we wouldn't have discovered the lump in the first place. The in-house doctor advised us to get an MRI done and my mother was monitored very closely.

Deepa Jain, Noida

Can't thank you, people, enough for looking after me and my healthcare with so much care and compassion. To be honest, initially, I wasn't in favor to enroll in any such initiative but my son forced me to do so. And since then, I haven't regretted my enrollment for once. Care4Parents have always been so caring ever since I got enrolled with them that I don't have to worry about my health anymore. Reminding me about my upcoming doctor consultations, keeping a check on my medicine availability, arranging lab tests, getting me vaccinated at my home, maintaining my health records -- all this was never easier.

Madhu Gupta, Gurugram

Me and my husband stay alone. In the COVID times, we thought of getting flu vaccination done. I contacted the Care4Parents team for this and lo behold it was done without a fuss. A lab technician came with the vaccine and with all COVID protocols we got ourselves inoculated. Thanks a ton to the Care4Parents team who coordinated everything for us.

Sachin, USA

I signed my mom in December and have already received 3 reports from them including one from the dietician. Feels like now I have an elder brother in India who has got my mom covered for all her medical needs. Great way to start the New Year.

Jhankar Grover, New Delhi

Thankyou Care4Parents for bringing up something so wonderful that has its core idea and concept around taking care of your loved ones while you are away. Care4Parents' services for my mom living in Punjab as it was difficult for me to pay due attention to her health from Delhi. I was so relaxed when Care4Parents took charge of all her healthcare needs. Talking of a single incident, she wanted a specific doctor's appointment and Care4Parents, after carefully understanding the need for such consultation arranged the appointment for my mother with the same doctor at her home-comfort.

Vandana Alagh, Delhi

We are grateful and appreciate the care4parents team for the quick and detailed response that has been provided by your app. We are happy with the app as in one go our Doctor could review all the reports. The doctor appreciated the app and said this kind of app is required for all the patients to know their detailed history. We are once again thankful to the team i.e. all the doctors and staff for their initiative and concern for our parent's health by Care4Parents.

Srinath S, Mumbai

I am thankful for the wonderful proactive initiative efforts demonstrated by Care4Parents team. They arranged the entire medical & transportation logistics and manpower support to help my father in Bangalore get his medical tests done. It was heartening to have a single point contact from their team who coordinated every step of it.

Gagan Garg, Delhi

I enrolled my parents with Care4Parents recently. I got the first help during Covid when I needed a nurse at home which they organized in such difficult times. Further consultation happened with in-house doctor and Dietitian from their panel hospital. Both were extremely patient in listening to the problems my parents were facing and prescribing appropriately. I also would like to acknowledge the smooth handling of my membership by my appointed relationship manager. Wishing all the best to the "TEAM C4P" in this wonderful endeavor.

Gaurav Kumar, Delhi

I engaged a semi-trained male nurse for my aged father for his post COVID care at home. The nurse was prior RT-PCR checked for COVID. He reported on time and was excellent in all aspects of patient care like taking vitals, medicines, cleansing, handling of oxygen concentrator, etc. He was neat and hygienic and was wearing a proper uniform appropriate for his profession. We are completely satisfied right from the initial contact with Care4Parents, whose personnel including our relationship manager were very regular in taking feedback from time to time. A thorough professional work.

Maya Singh, Chennai

I want to share my experience with Care4Parents. The team has been really supportive. Any health problem which I intimated was well attended to. I started feeling very confident that there is someone who will immediately guide me in an emergency too. They are as cordial as my family.

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