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With the elderly population in our country increasing threefold from 103 million in 2011 to over 319 million by 2050, it becomes imperative that basic human rights such as healthcare services for the elderly are prioritized. While 75% of the elderly population suffers from some chronic disease, 40% have one or the other disability and 20% have issues related to mental health. It is common knowledge that regular health checks can improve the quality of life and decrease the risk of diseases.


However, most senior citizens rarely meet their doctor for an appropriate examination in a regular or planned manner. What makes matters worst is the fact that most of the senior citizens don’t have their children around or a strong community to rely on for the most part of their old age. NRIs especially find it difficult to be physically available for their parents at frequent intervals or at times of need. This leaves NRI children with guilt and their elderly parents with fear of the unknown.


Organized healthcare solution providers, as reliable entities for elderly care services at home, are far and few and equally a challenge when it comes to serving in satellite towns.


Care4Parents was born to revolutionize elderly care with a robust ecosystem of healthcare solutions that are affordable and accessible to all. Care4Parents is one of the few elderly care services in India designed with the needs of senior citizens in mind.

It is an end-to-end healthcare solution that integrates clinical, operational, administrative, and consumer-centric services to deliver efficient healthcare for an enhanced patient experience. Care4parents makes elderly home health care stress free and accessible to senior citizens in the comfort of their homes and to their children in distant parts of the world on the go.


We know that talking care of the elderly at home is a much safer options in such uncertian times. With our best in-home elder care services, Care4parents ensures that your parents enjoy and thealthy and well-managed life style in your absence.

Not just this, Care4Parents takes elderly home health care to the next level by digitizing all health records and storing them at one place irrespective of the doctor/hospital. Through this digital platform you can keep a real-time track of your parents’ reports and also stay in control.

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T&C- Services available in selected cities. Only pathology reports are available online.

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