Elder Care

India has the seconds highest population of elderly people in the world. And the rate in India is expected to rise even further. For most of these senior citizens, there aren’t many people around to look after them. Their children aren’t around for most of the part of their old age. NRI’s especially are unable to be with them and in many cases are unable to visit often. We understand how taxing this can be on a person’s mental health, when they are unable to look after themselves due to old age or when they are unable to look after their parents due to other reasons. And that’s why Care4Parents was started; to provide elder care services.

Home Care Services for Elderly Parents at Home

At Care4Parents we are looking to revolutionise elderly care. Geriatric care is low-profile speciality which requires extensive training not just for nurses handling elders but also doctors treating them. At Care4Parents, we have partnerships with the best hospitals, providing you with well-trained nurses and extensively experienced doctors working round the clock to keep your parents health at the top. Elderly care service for older adults at Care4Parents are personalised to cover all the needs of your parents as well as you.

Through our digital platform, you can keep track of your parents’ health, their treatments, digital records, book appointments, get professional assistance, and avail emergency services. Through this digital platform you can keep track of our services and also stay in control.

Elderly care services at home in India are limited to a number of institutions working on this account. Care4Parents is one such institution. Elder care services provided by Care4Parents include regular check-ups, diagnostics, treatments, home health care services, physiotherapy, online medical consulting, and speciality doctor consultations to name a few. Care4Parents is our way of enabling and empowering senior citizens to live comfortably at home, without expecting aid.

With Care4Parents, you can be sure that your parents are safe and healthy. For us, there is nothing in front of your parents’ smile. We ensure that your parents are in peak condition and give you your peace of mind.

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