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Physiotherapists are those healthcare professionals, who come with a license to assist you in diminishing pain, improve and restore your mobility with the help of the physical process. They will help you overcome movement disorder present from your birth or gain due to some injury or accident or because of aging and other life-changing incidents. At Care4Parents, we have physiotherapists who will be assessing, diagnosing, and formulating a tailor-made treatment plan based on the elder’s condition, at their home. The plan, duration and movement exercises will vary based on the need and health condition of the senior citizens.


All You Need to Know About physiotherapy at home You do not have to be stressed and worried about taking your elderly parents to hospital and making them wait in a queue at a clinic, aggravating their injury. Treating your parent’s joint pain, muscle pain, neck pain, frozen shoulders, etc. and helping them in improving or restoring mobility with physiotherapy sessions at comfort of their home by certified and best-experienced physiotherapists.


During the first at home physiotherapy session, the physiotherapist will be conducting a thorough initial analysis.


Depending on the analysis, a well-arranged treatment plan will be made containing the duration of each session, total number of sessions required and type of treatment.


The physiotherapist will be carrying the exercise tools and equipment, if needed, depending on the treatment appropriate for the elders.


Elderly parents are allowed to choose a time slot according to their convenience for at home physiotherapy sessions

How to arrange at home physiotherapy

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Step 1

Contact us or WhatsApp us on +91-9311455775, and inform our team which specialist consultation is needed.

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Step 2

We'll make all the arrangements of the service requested to start your parent's care with the best physiotherapist at their doorsteps.

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Step 3

The dedicated relationship manager will be offering regular reminders, reviews and quality checks for the service offered.

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  • Q1.What is home visit physiotherapy?

    It aims at reducing stress levels through treatments from the comfort of your home. At Care4Parents, we are committed to making the treatment stress-free at a place you will be most comfortable.

  • Q2. How much does home Physio cost?

    The consultation fees will depend on each patient's need and the treatment plan based on their injury and condition.

  • Q3. What is the benefit of physiotherapy at home?

    • Offers personalized care
    • Allows convenience
    • It makes the healing process faster
    • No issue related to mobility
    • Excellent time management
    • Support of family along with supervision
    • Economical

  • Q4. What is the benefit of physiotherapy at home? Do physiotherapists do home visits?

    Contact us on +91-9311455775 and our team will get in touch with you to know all the needs for physiotherapy treatment at home. At Care4Parents, we will be making every arrangement of your requested private physiotherapy for elderly at your home. We have the best physiotherapist for home visits on our panel for your assistance.

  • Q5. How quickly does physiotherapy work?

    How quickly does physiotherapy work?

  • Q6.Which type of physiotherapy is best?

    It will depend on the injury and physical health of a patient. Also, the physiotherapist will assess and find the best physiotherapy treatment for the patient.

  • Q7. Is physiotherapy the same as massage?

    Physiotherapy sticks to an approach that is scientific to solve problems. It may include some techniques similar to massage, but they are not the same as massage and are anatomically inclined.

  • Q8. How much will each physiotherapy session cost?

    It will depend on the need and treatment plan essential for a patient.

  • Q9. Do you have a local centre for physiotherapy treatment?

    We do not have any local centre for physiotherapy treatment. Our experts will visit your home and then treat you with ease.

  • Q10. What will be the duration of each session?

    Usually, each session lasts for a maximum of an hour

  • Q11. Will the physiotherapist visit me on weekends?

    Physiotherapists will visit you on weekends or weekdays, whenever you are comfortable.

  • Q12. Who needs physiotherapy?

    Elders going through chronic joint and muscle pain will benefit from home visit physiotherapy. Some people also face difficulty in walking, and thus at home physiotherapy will help them get the service from the comfort of their home. Also, elderly people suffering from back or knee pain and find it challenging to visit a clinic or hospital will need at-home service.

  • Q13. How many times a week should you do physical therapy?

    After the first assessment, the physiotherapist will be advising the ideal visit frequency.

  • Q14. How often should I do my physio exercises?

    Always listen to your physiotherapist's advice. Generally, physio exercises should be initially performed two to three times for five minutes each day.

  • Q15. Do physiotherapists give massages?

    Physiotherapists use their hands for manipulating, mobilizing, and massaging body tissues for relieving pain along with stiffness.

  • Q16. How can physiotherapy help you?

    Physiotherapy will help you get relief from injury and illness via exercise and movement, therapy, and advice.

  • Q17. Which is a better physio or massage?

    Massage is used in case of urgent pain relaxation and muscle spasms. Physiotherapy works towards muscle rehabilitation and the function of the joint.

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