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COVID Care for Elders at home

Helping seniors battle with COVID-19 in the comfort of your home

Package for Covid-19 Patient
  • Oxygen Concentrator/cylinder - 5 Lit.
    PPE Kit Gloves, etc.
  • Medical Consumable - Mask, Sanitizer
  • Nurse 24 Hours Stay
  • Doctor Monitoring - Online/WhatsApp
  • Essential Medical Kit - Infrared
    Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, BP Machine

Post COVID Care for Elders at home

We provide remote specialised care packages for patients POST COVID at home.
In many cases the systoms still persist, there it's vital for the elderly to be under
the supervision of specialised medical experts

Duration: 7 days
  • Daily Doctor Monitoring & Vital Recordings
  • 1 Chest Physio Session
  • 1 Dietician Session
  • 1 Covid Specialist Consultation

Offer Price : 6,999/-

Duration: 15 days
  • Daily Doctor Monitoring & Vital Recordings
  • 3 Chest Physio Session
  • 1 Dietician Session
  • 2 Covid Specialist Consultation

Offer Price : 14,999/-

Contactless Healthcare

C4P aims to provide end-to-end healthcare solutions, for elderly living in India, using

  • Digital on-Boarding

  • Tele-medicine

  • Digital Records

  • Digital Platform

The New Normal: Contactless Healthcare

Contactless healthcare system has been gaining importance to solve the existing healthcare system limitations, pre-COVID. In the current times, high flexibility and accessibility through contactless healthcare solutions have far reaching effects in maintaining general wellbeing and treating diseases.

C4P works towards maintaining and improving the functioning of elderly living in India through assistive devices and technologies.

Impairments and secondary health conditions can be prevented through preventive and assistive healthcare

Our Happy Customer

"While looking for home care options during Covid, we found out about Care4Parents. This was because my parents caught the virus and though we wanted to travel back to India to look after them, the border restrictions did not allow us. We were obviously worried and wanted to make sure we had arrangements in place given the horror stories we were hearing about the state of hospitals in Delhi. This is when we contacted Care4 Parents and our requirements were promptly taken care of. We had an in-house trained nurse for 15 days and along with the panel of Doctors, they took great care of our parents. Any queries or concerns were addressed on an immediate basis regardless of the time of the day. This really helped put our minds at ease. I would definitely recommend their services to others in need.”


- Karun Dudani, Australia

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T&C- Services available in selected cities. Only pathology reports are available online.

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