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Home Health vs. Home Care: What’s the Difference?

Imagine any of your parents falling ill while you are staying away. Are you aware that your aging parents need assistance? Are you not familiar with the type of aid they need? Then do not worry. You are not alone. Few terms such as professional caregiver or in-home health care services are very new. Becoming used to the available resources will bring a big difference. Most people come with significantly less knowledge of any healthcare services provided in-home until their loved one requires it. Confusion can arise due to the difference between home health and home care. Home care will be reducing stress, providing assistance, and increasing recovery. Home care will be of great help.

They may sound precisely the same, but they offer different services. Home health distinctly provides professional medical help, and home care provides non-clinical assistance. Another huge difference is that the former is usually covered by private insurance or Medicare, but the latter is not. But both home health and home care are available for your elderly parents in the home and can also be modified for fitting their requirements.

What is home health care?

Home Health Care

Also known as in-home nursing care, it is clinical and medical supervision. A licensed professional such as practical nurses, physical and occupational therapists provide home health care, often via hospice or home health agencies. Doctors usually prescribe such care as a part of the elderly health care routine following any injury or hospitalization. It includes many things such as medical tests, wound care in case of injury, monitoring health status, physical or occupational therapy, administration of prescribed medicines or shots, etc.

When to opt for home health care?

Usually, a doctor will be requesting it under few conditions, such as if an elderly senior is homebound and leaving his home needs significant effort, a skilled requirement like nursing for managing medicines, checking blood sugar, blood pressure, providing wound care, etc.

Who will be benefitted from home health care?

If a senior is discharged recently from rehabilitation, hospital stay, or any skilled nursing facility, home health care will be ideal. Any elderly individual who needs proper monitoring after any recent medicine change can also be provided home health care and get huge benefits. Home health care will also be perfect for people with fragile health who cannot safely travel to and from a doctor’s office, along with elderly people going through a total decline in their function and benefit from physical or occupational therapy for regaining independence.

What is Home Care?

Home Care Services

It is also known as in-home health care services. Compassion and assistance for elderly people who require assistance with everyday activities are provided by home care. The care levels will vary by requirement and can last from meal preparation each week to incontinence assistance. Home care providers are well trained for understanding senior care nuances. But they are not generally registered or licensed for providing medical services. It includes companionship, such as chatting, reading aloud, in-home activities, transportation, appointments, cleaning, organizing, preparation or meal, and delivery, helping with everyday living activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and assistance bills, and financial management and so on.

When to opt for home health care?

Sometimes elderly people wish to do everything on their own. However, they are not able to do so. Thus, home health care comes in as caregivers will encourage them to do what they actually can, such as little cooking. They will focus on their abilities, strengths other than things they require assistance with. They will look for chances to maximize independence as elderly seniors will find happiness and be satisfied when they can do few things on their own.

Who will be benefitted from home care? 

Any elderly senior who will require help with everyday activities such as bathing and restroom will benefit from home care. Medical appointments will also make it perfect for aged but active individuals and need transportation to or from activities. Elderly people who need assistance with cleaning, cooking, household responsibilities, and seniors who require companionship and feel secluded staying home will find home care beneficial.

Should you combine home health and home care services?

Sometimes, children who stay away from their elderly parents find a combination of both the in-home health care services to be beneficial for their parents. Health professionals will provide medical assistance, and care aids will help with daily activities. Such an integrative approach will make sure that both the medical and emotional requirements of elderly people are adequately met.

How should you begin with in-home services?

Arranging for a home care service is very simple. It will not require any order from a physician. During the first call, you can explain the situation. Briefly describe the requirement of your elderly parents along with other things such as the time each day you want for in-home health care. Anything that is arranged will be flexible and subjected to change depending on individual requirements. Staff will come to your homes, memory care, and nursing home or assisted living. In-home eldercare services are flexible, helpful, and customized for meeting your elderly parents’ requirements.

Differences Between Home Care and Home Health Care

ServiceHome CareHome Health Care
Doctor PrescribedX
Skilled ServicesX
Administer MedicationX
Medication RemindersX
Help with Activities of Daily Living
Personal Care – grooming, dressing, bathing
Home Therapy – speech, occupational, physical
Light HousekeepingX
Wound CareX
IV CareX

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