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Online Doctor Consultation Services at Home

At Care4Parents, we aim to transform the doctor consulting services. Having a home visiting doctor readily available to look after your parents, treat them, and do consultation and diagnostics, was a luxury very few could afford. But with Care4Parents, you can be sure that your parent’s health is taken care of by the best doctors, at their own homes. Our patients care services are not limited to in-house services. We give you healthcare from the comfort of your homes. Through us, you can save your parents of the hustle of travelling to the hospital and clinics.

Doctor consulting services at home are now becoming common around the world and especially in India. Amongst the numerous commitments one has, looking after their parents is of top priority to all. But for many NRI’s, it is not possible to look after their parents while being away from home. And it becomes worrisome when our parents want to visit the doctor. That is why Care4Parents provides online medical consulting. Your parents can then visit the doctor, while being in the comfort of their homes. You can monitor and be a part of your parents’ medical routines when you have a doctor on call at your home. No matter whether small or big, whatever your query might be, doctors are available and capable of handling situations through online consultation.

Home Physiotherapy for Elderly

Care of the elderly is a delicate issue and requires well-trained and experienced doctors. Online doctor consultation in India is still developing but now has become much more easily accessible. With just a phone call, you can avail services of doctors at home near you including surgeons, specialists and home physiotherapists. The doctor home visit charges in the packages by Care4Parents are minimal compared to many other service providers. Our doctors visiting homes provide services such as physical examinations, physiotherapies diagnostics and referrals, and follow-up care for the elderly.

With Care4Parents’s doctors, you needn’t constantly worry about your parents’ health. They will be trusted into the best hands, board certified, well-trained and well-experienced. For us, your parents’ health is our topmost priority.

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