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5 Mistakes to Avoid After the Age of 50

As we get older, our health deteriorates, and we all know that. But how many of us do something about it? How can we make it ‘the best is yet to come” and get inspired by Sinatra’s song rather than get unhappy? 1. Lifeless connections Loneliness is a silent killer. So why don’t we find […]

Activities for Elderly

8 Fun Lockdown Activities for Elders to Do at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has created chaos worldwide, with unprecedented challenges being faced by every individual, both financially and health wise. The time is hard for everyone, but this too shall pass. Staying at home is essential for one’s safety. Although it is important to prioritize their health above anything else at the moment, we can’t […]


Tips To Make Mask Wearing Easy, Safe Especially For Elders

Article spreads the utilization of oils to lessen mask irritation for the long term while upholds the advantages of adding oil drops to different masks similar to my eucalyptus oil, which is helpful for lungs and health. But some more research is needed before adding a couple of drops of Eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, or different […]

Mental Health

Top Questions About Geriatric Mental Health Answered

Aging affects not only physical health conditions but mental as well. It is found that elderly people are more prone to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other severe mental health conditions. We as a family should care about the overall wellbeing of our elders that covers a broad spectrum of mental health conditions as well. […]

Care Services Pain Management

Back Pain in Old Age

Back pain is any kind of discomfort that the person feels in his/her spine Back pain is any discomfort that the person feels in their spine or back. This discomfort can range from minor to very severe. Back pain is one of the most common problems observed in any age group and every part of […]


All About Dementia

Dementia is described as a group of symptoms affecting cognitive functions of the body, which interfere in one’s daily life. The most common symptom for it involves memory loss which is especially noticed by spouse or anyone near and dear. Gradually this symptom starts affecting day-to-day activities. For example, the person may not be able […]

Diabetes Care

Diabetic Neuropathy: Home Prevention

Diabetic neuropathy is a medical condition in which there is nerve damage in people who suffer from diabetes. It occurs because of the high glucose or blood sugar levels in the body. In this condition, the nerves of the legs and feet are the most affected which can lead to pain, numbness in the legs […]

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Fall At Home: A Serious Concern for Elderly

As people age, their balance and joint movement sense start to suffer. Poor balance, falls and stumbles are among the most common for the elderly in this age. Every third person aged 60 and over who lives in the community falls at home each year in India. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related prolonged […]