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10 Secrets to Reverse Aging

We may be years or more like centuries away to find ways to stop aging. But there are simple ways we can change our daily habits to slow down the aging process. When we practise healthier eating habits in our daily life we can make the difference. Here are a few ways we can slow down the age curve:

1. A banana is a great snack

A banana is a great snack

Here is one youth tip which is so easy to do, bananas are a great source of potassium which will keep your health healthy. It also reduces muscle cramps, and keeps you fit and energised to go to the gym or exercise. Researchers believe that bananas can decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

2. Sunscreen daily

Sunscreen daily

Another easy tip which we all know, too much vitamin D is not good for our skins. We need to use the sunscreen regardless , even if we are not stepping out to keep the dark spots and wrinkles at bay. Never forget the sunscreen!

3. Choose Green in your meals

Choose Green in your meals

Yes we need a balanced meal. However the green components help us stay healthy for longer. The higher leafy green intake the lower the rates of Dementia and other brain aging issues. Additionally, green vegetable intake is great for the skin too.

4. Be Social

Make them socially active

Meeting friends, even if it’s digitally, is found out to be great for longer lives. Friends make everything better. Connecting with old friends always brings smiles on one’s face. We are social beings; it’s essential to meet and interact with people.

5. Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds

How do Sesame Seeds help? They are a good source of osteoporosis-fighting calcium, which inturn lowers the risk of fractures. It is a good idea to have these seeds before or even better sprinkle some over your meal.

6. Black Coffee

Black Coffee for Anti-Aging-care4Parents Blog

If you feel like having coffee , ditch the milk and the sugar. Sugar and dairy leads to weight gain which inturn leads to your body looking older than you actually are.

7. Keep weight check

Keep weight check

Keeping slim does wonders for your body. It’s the first step to look younger. You feel light and want to eat right to keep the weight down. It always draws compliments when you slim down. It is always on our resolution chart but it actually should be done sooner rather than later.

8. Spoonful of Honey

Spoonful of Honey for Anti-Aging-care4Parents Blog

Replacing the sugar with honey is a wise move for your body. Adding a little honey to your diet will make you look and feel younger. It is an antibacterial agent which helps reduce the risk of infections that in turn speed up the aging process. Many face masks want you to add honey to it , as it is good for the skin too.

9. Multivitamins are necessary

Multivitamins are necessary - Give them necessary supplements

It’s not always possible to get all your vitamins by the food we take. A multivitamin is actually a great way to make sure you are getting your daily requirement and it keeps you looking younger. Research shows that women who took multivitamins indicate a slowing of the aging process and reduced dementia risk, than those who skipped it.

10. Stay Happy

Stay Happy

Smiling and being positive is the most important thing. We need to practise self love and stay positive. Taking care of your mind is so important. Thinking about being young and that does happen. The way we think is what we become some wise folk said. So let’s think happy thoughts and care for our mental wellness too.

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